Course Outline

Module 1 How Everything Works + Setup for Success
Unit 1 Module 1 - Introduction
Unit 2 Getting Started
Unit 3 How Everything Works
Unit 4 Getting Setup for Success
Unit 5 Setting Up Self Hosted Website
Unit 6 First Step to Setting Up Your Website
Module 2 Setting Up Your Amazing Coupon Website
Unit 1 Setting Up Appearance, Pages & Menus
Unit 2 Creating Amazing Pages
Unit 3 Creating Engaging Posts
Unit 4 Writing Your First Affiliate / Coupon Review
Unit 5 Accesssing Royalty Free Images & Using them in your post
Module 3 Creating your database of income generators
Unit 1 Signing Up for The TOP Coupon and Affiliate Services
Unit 2 Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Companies Everyone Should Join
Module 4 Getting Paid
Unit 1 When "work" seems like FUN
Module 5 BONUS
Unit 1 BONUS Template - How to post coupons with their graphics
Unit 2 Creating a FREE COUPON SITE with Google Blogger