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22/03/2017 6:44 am  

For those of you that don't understand the importance of comments, this discussion is for you. If you are getting comments on your website, you are not only going to come across as having a much more active website to your visitors, you are going to also get much better rankings in Google. 

Google looks at metrics like engagement when determining your rank within their search results. If you are actively getting comments on your website, then you will definitely appear.

But these comments must be relevant to the context of your article. So if you post a comment on an article that is related to "best techniques to lose weight", your comment should be completely relevant to this. 

This is a discussion where you can post your latest content and ask for others to give you website feedback on it. 

Also, to take part in this thread and to keep the community aspect of it thriving, for every blog post/page that you post here requesting comments (on the actual site), make sure that you 

So here are the steps:

Step 1: Comment on at least 3 websites 
Step 2: Post a link to your page or post that you need comments on at the very top of this discussion (as a new comment)

Make sure you do not skip step one. It is important and it will lead you to getting more comments on your website. 🙂